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Feilding Athletics, Victoria Park, 1910 

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Early Feilding Township

Showing York Tearooms which offered the first public ladies toilet in town.

Apiti to Feilding Stagecoach

Sam Daw's stagecoach outside Hansen's Cafe in Kimbolton.

First motorcar in Bunnythorpe, 1903

Driven by the manager of the Glaxo factory with his wife as passenger.

Feilding Technical School

Art Students at the school located on the corner of Stafford and Fergusson Streets.

Beer vs Peanut Diet Race, 1912

A walking race has held between Feilding and Marton to answer the all important question .. 'which is the better diet'. We have no record of who won!

Stanway School

with pupils assembled outside.

Oroua River Flood, 1897

The traffic and railway bridges across the Oroua River at Aorangi suffered considerably under the heavy floodwaters.

Mokowhai School, 1910

Pupils at work in the classroom.

Manchester Rifles Shooting Team

The Manchester Rifles were formed in 1897, and in 1907 the Feilding contingent won the 2nd Battalion, West Coast Rifle Volunteers' Challenge Shield

Emigrants & Colonists Aid Corporation

The European settlement of Feilding and the surrounding Manchester Block was the result of a private emigration scheme set up by a group of English upper class businessmen and philanthropists led by the Duke of Manchester. This company was formed in 1869 to select a block of land in one of Britainís colonies and to settle there a group of people principally selected from the unemployed agricultural labouring classes and others adversely affected by the many social changes brought about by the industrial revolution.